dickie dare #4

dickie dare #4

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dickie dare #4 vg-/vg 1942

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First Line of Dialogue or TextHere it is, Doc! Th' treasure--GenreadventureCharactersDickie Dare; Dan Flynn; Wags; Doctor MurdockSynopsisDickie, Dan and Dr. Murdock have located sunken chests of gold. When they raise the chests, Captain Yakovac and Hans cut their cables, stranding Dickie and Dan on the ocean floor. They tie up Murdock, but he breaks free, smashes the engine and swims for his boat "the Dickie Dare." He locates Dickie and Dan and pulls them to the surface just in time. An airplane belonging to Anise la Tour (a beautiful voodoo priestess) takes them to Haiti, leaving the Doctor on his boat. Dickie escapes with the help of a Haitian boy and finds the Doctor.