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"The Greatest Name in Comics"™: Daredevil Battles Putin (VARIANT COVER C)

100% of the proceeds from this Variant cover will be split between UNICEF Ukraine and the Ukrainian Red Cross!

Lev Gleason® has historically been a publisher of strong political conviction. From Lev himself leaving Harvard prior to finishing to enroll in the service in 1917 and then again Re-enlisting after Pearl Harbor to continue to serve the greater good. The Charles Biro Family Estate has officially partnered with Lev Gleason® to deliver a variant cover for Lev Gleason's Comic House imprint advising that it is...

"...[T]ime to consider Daredevil Battles Putin? I know my Dad would approve." - Charles Biro Family Estate

Ukrainian-Canadian Colorist Donovan Yaciuk helped bring this vision to life with Artist Julien Pilon.

"It's always distressing to see any war and loss of life around the world, but as a Canadian of Ukrainian descent, it's been particularly devastating to see news of human rights atrocities being mentioned next to the names of cities from my ancestral homeland.  

The familiar sounds of the Ukrainian language I heard spoken so warmly by my Baba in my youth now take an unrecognizable tone in news clips, with anger and anguish over lost sons and daughters, for family and for free-dom.  

Living in relative peace and prosperity on the other side of the planet is a lonely and helpless feeling.  This is why I was so grateful to Lev Gleason/Comic House for the opportunity to use my talent as a colourist on this cover homage of Daredevil Battles Hitler - an iconic piece of wartime comic artistry.  To be able to work on the modern appearances of heroes like Daredevil, Silver Streak and Lance Hale dealing an Ace of Death to Putin, a modern Mad Merchant of Hate, has been cathartic, especially knowing that our efforts will result in funds raised for charities working in Ukraine." - DONOVAN YACIUK

"When I was approached about this project, I immediately offered to throw in... [G]etting to work on something that is bigger than simply "another comic project" is even more significant.

The world is an interesting place at the moment and what is happening in Ukraine is dreadful. I am not in a posi-tion where I can donate a million dollars or drop my family and life to fly to Ukraine to take up arms in the re-sistance to Putin's war machine. But this, this I could do, and I genuinely hope that it makes a difference in someone's life. It's a fantastic cause and I hope that it's a great success. Every act to help, whether big or small, adds up and makes a difference." - JULIEN PILON